Sunday, July 3, 2011

And They All Lived Happily Ever After

So ends the saga of Ingrid Caroline and her omphalocele. The story ends but the characters live on! Ingrid is home in Virginia and acting like a normal 13-month-old. What will the rest of her life have in store?

There are many people we would like to thank for their hard work, their kind gestures, their thoughts and prayers. I’m sure I’ll forget someone and I’m sure I’ve misspelled names but…

…we thank:

Dr. Barksdale – Ingrid’s surgeon, leader of her care, fixer of her belly, creator of her bellybutton

Dr. Ungerlighter – cardiac surgeon for Ingrid’s coarctation repair

Dr. Corteval - for safely delivering our baby

Dr. Abu-Shaweesh – Ingrid’s first neonatologist

Dr. Fanaroff – Ingrid’s second neonatologist

Dr. Sulamain – the UH pediatric cardiologist who diagnosed Ingrid’s coarctation

NICU Nurses: Tracie, Oksana, Lauren, and all the others

Dr. Kovalenko – UH pediatric cardiologist, follow up care

Dr. Albrecht – HDH pediatric cardiologist

Dr. Stork and the rest of the PICU pain team

PICU Nurses

Ken Taylor for the car bed

Ingrid’s OT Sherry for helping Ingrid learn to eat

Grandma & Grandpa for putting up with all this! For offering their home, for donating their time, energy and money to help care for Anna while we were otherwise occupied

Emily & Jim for graciously lending a helping hand, for having us over for dinner many times, for entertaining the kids, for babysitting

Kara Hugo for taking care of Bronze Bow Farm in our absence

Nani & Grampy for their support

Friends and Family across the land for kind thoughts, well wishes and prayers, too many to name but we remember all of you! Prayers have been answered!

Friends and followers, this is Mike Carey, signing off.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Before & After Surgery Photos

These are photos that Dr. Barksdale's team took during Ingrid's surgery. The top photo is her omphalocele right before surgery.

The bottom photo is her incision all stitched up. Can you spot the bellybutton at the bottom? That's a "Belly-by-Barksdale" bellybutton!

Ingrid continues to act more like her normal self. We had a fun walk through a beautiful Cleveland Metropark this morning, lunch out, and then some giggly playtime with Grandma on her bed. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to hear her laugh!

Grandma and Grandpa are babysitting tonight so Mom and Dad can go out for our ten year anniversary!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

All Clear From Here

Ingrid got the all clear from Dr. Barksdale today. There are a few things we will need to look out for, but it really looks like she will get better and better and never look back!

We found out at our appointment today that Ingrid lost a pound in the hospital! She went in at 15 lbs. 7 oz. and weighed in at 14 lbs. 8 oz. today. So, naturally, we will have to continue to monitor her nutrition and see that she gains that weight back. Dr. Barksdale said that children with omphaloceles tend to be smaller (height and weight-wise) than their siblings. Oh well, I guess I will always live with short people!

We'll spend a few more days in Cleveland and then we are all heading back to Virginia on Saturday. The girls are flying and Dad is driving the minivan.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Getting Better Every Day

Ingrid had another great day! After a peaceful walk in the sling with her Dad bright and early the whole family took a long walk to bring Anna to school. And when we got home Ingrid decided that it was time for her to start walking again. With help from parents and furniture Ingrid navigated all over the house!! Needless to say she is feeling better.

Ingrid spent about 2 hours at the art museum with her parents. She decided to walk while there, too.

All this great improvement called for some crabbing in the late afternoon, but I guess she's entitled. An early dinner and bath and now she's scooting around playing with her big sister.

Follow-up appointment with Dr. Barksdale tomorrow. More pictures soon.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Grouchetta at Home

12.5% better each day.
She eats, she crabs, she sleeps, she crabs, she poops, she crabs, she goes on long walks, she crabs, repeat ad infinitum.

Slowly, slowly Ingrid is gaining back her strength and showing us the Ingrid we knew before surgery. But, boy oh boy is she crabby. She is most peaceful when someone is holding her and moving. Not sitting! Moving! In the sling or in the stroller, moving!

She has a good appetite and has eaten well today. And she has had many short naps. If her parents can stand the crabbing, Ingrid will be her old self in no time!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

She's Out of the Hospital!

Sorry for the late post today, but Ingrid was discharged this morning and we have been busy taking care of our family.

After a great night of sleep for mother and baby it was decided early this morning that Ingrid could go home. And that was that, we were back at grandma and grandpa's house by 10am! Needless to say that everyone is very much relieved.

Ingrid is still a little crabby, but she's had several good naps, several long walks in the stroller, and several good meals - pb&j, crackers, strawberry shortcake. We have seen a glint of her old smile and she has started to act more like the Ingrid we know.

So now it is just rest and recovery for Kate and Ingrid. We'll have a follow up with Dr. Barksdale on Wednesday and then home to Virginia on Saturday! I will post pictures at some point this week.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Upstairs to R3

Text from Kate 6/24/2011 6:19pm “Cleveland we have poo.”

Ingrid is doing so well! Unfortunately her wake/sleep schedule is messed up so she kept Kate up all night “flinging poo like an orangutan”. In the brouhaha she lost her nasal cannula and was not affected so it was determined that she could be “on room air”. And her extra IV was removed so she has both hands free! She’s had several bottles of Pedialyte and was advanced to milk mixed with formula this morning. Hopefully real food is in the near future.

After a crabby morning wandering the PICU in the sling, we were finally moved upstairs to a regular unit, R3! It is much more peaceful here, so she is able to sleep. And there is an entertaining playroom full of toys!

Dr. Barksdale called us all the way from Philadelphia to let us know that if she has a good night (she’s stable) she can go home tomorrow!!