Sunday, July 3, 2011

And They All Lived Happily Ever After

So ends the saga of Ingrid Caroline and her omphalocele. The story ends but the characters live on! Ingrid is home in Virginia and acting like a normal 13-month-old. What will the rest of her life have in store?

There are many people we would like to thank for their hard work, their kind gestures, their thoughts and prayers. I’m sure I’ll forget someone and I’m sure I’ve misspelled names but…

…we thank:

Dr. Barksdale – Ingrid’s surgeon, leader of her care, fixer of her belly, creator of her bellybutton

Dr. Ungerlighter – cardiac surgeon for Ingrid’s coarctation repair

Dr. Corteval - for safely delivering our baby

Dr. Abu-Shaweesh – Ingrid’s first neonatologist

Dr. Fanaroff – Ingrid’s second neonatologist

Dr. Sulamain – the UH pediatric cardiologist who diagnosed Ingrid’s coarctation

NICU Nurses: Tracie, Oksana, Lauren, and all the others

Dr. Kovalenko – UH pediatric cardiologist, follow up care

Dr. Albrecht – HDH pediatric cardiologist

Dr. Stork and the rest of the PICU pain team

PICU Nurses

Ken Taylor for the car bed

Ingrid’s OT Sherry for helping Ingrid learn to eat

Grandma & Grandpa for putting up with all this! For offering their home, for donating their time, energy and money to help care for Anna while we were otherwise occupied

Emily & Jim for graciously lending a helping hand, for having us over for dinner many times, for entertaining the kids, for babysitting

Kara Hugo for taking care of Bronze Bow Farm in our absence

Nani & Grampy for their support

Friends and Family across the land for kind thoughts, well wishes and prayers, too many to name but we remember all of you! Prayers have been answered!

Friends and followers, this is Mike Carey, signing off.


  1. Thanks Mike for taking the time to keep us updated with your amazing journey. God has taken you guys on an adventure you would have never chosen but one that has helped, at least helped me, see God's amazing hand - in the intricacies of the human body, the skill and wisdom given the doctors and the love poured out to you through this while ordeal.

  2. Mike, I can't tell you how much I enjoy following your families story. I am so happy for Ingrid and her family. God is good!
    P.S. You should consider a career in writing! Your very good at it!

  3. Mike, this is wonderful that you were able to remember all the names of the people who helped your baby. I am currently trying to write a book on my son who had omphalocele and I find myself going through old emails, business cards, etc, just to find names of people who helped us through our journey...the list just gets bigger and bigger! Thanks for your story,